Couple of Gift Ideas for Meat Lovers


If you’re looking to surprise the steak-loving friends on your list, here are several gift ideas that will bring up everyone’s meat challenge to the next level. OR if you’re a fanatic of chewy and greasy steak or meat snacks, you’re sure to get please with the numerous items that will let your inner carnivore shine through.

1. Portable Steak Grilles

Portable grills offer the perfect solution for all your on-the-go grilling needs. These compact little grills are lightweight and easy to transport yet still offer over 150 square inches of grilling space, enough to grill for the entire family or the carload at the big game.


2. Meat Food Tours

Such gastro tours have become a melting pot of great restaurants and what makes them unique is their foundation. Guides will take you to „fresh from the farm“ stores, Nordic kitchen restaurants along with multicultural ones. While you taste delicious samples you hear the stories behind the ingredients and the cooking.


3. Funny Poop Pillows

These smiley face pillows are prank gifts which shows meat lovers the future fate of their meals. Besides such unique poop pillows makes the perfect addition to any couch, bedroom, or any other comfy spot in your home!


4. Steak Cook Books

Marrying simplicity and succulence, steak is a food everyone can understand, and one of the very few to inspire genuine craving. Steak is William Rice’s avocation, his passion, and he’s researched different preparations and flavors of steak from all over the world. A collection of over 140 recipes, steak lover’s cookbook is divided between fancy uptown cuts (e.g., tenderloins, porterhouses, ribs) and the plainer but just as tasty downtown cuts (skirt, chuck, flank, round).


5. Steak Bed Sheets

3d digital sublimation print pastel steak food design 3d digital printed bed sheet won’t leave indifferent any meat lover.