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Steak Doneness

Steak doneness is a proper phrase used in kitchens all over the world. It determines the flavour, texture, temperature and colour of your steak.

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Steak Recipies

Browse our extensive selection of steak recipes to make the most tender and flavourful steak for any occasion.

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Steakhouses & Grill Bars

Places to go for the tasties steakes. Share your experience!

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Steak Pages by SteakFrites

Can’t tell the difference between filet mignon and flat iron steak? Which steakhouses cook the most tender beef? Looking for easy, quick or original recipies? There are many types of steak cuts, meaning the part of the cow that the steak actually comes from. Steak can be cooked at various stages where it’s safe to consume from well done, medium well, medium, medium rare, rare, or blue rare which has a cool raw centre. Steak Frites explains all that in a wink.

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